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The International Sommelier Guild (ISG) is proud to offer the only Board of Education certification programs through our sommelier schools in Phoenix. The city of Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and the sudden increase in upscale restaurants and 5-star hotels has managers scrambling to hire experienced sommeliers.

Knowing when to recommend the right red or white wine… or how to select the perfect cabernet to complement a meal is an art… an art that all of our sommelier schools in Phoenix take very seriously. Like a lawyer graduating from Harvard… our sommeliers are high in demand upon course completion. When diners raise a glass of wine suggested by one of our graduates… they know it is the best possible choice for that meal, that moment and that memory.

 Sommelier Schools In Phoenix - Sommelier School In Phoenix

Who Is A Sommelier?

According to the President of the International Sommelier Guild (ISG), the profile of a sommelier master is constantly evolving. It used to be a profession dominated by males over the age of 45. Now, it's both men and women, half under the age of 40. The profession traditionally appealed to more mature workers, but that's changing as the general population's interest in wine grows, due to the popularity of gourmet magazines, the internet and television food shows.

In the past, sommeliers hailed mainly from the hospitality industry, but that is changing. Today's graduates from our sommelier schools in Phoenix come from retail, production, manufacturing, sales, and many other backgrounds.

Sommelier Schools In Phoenix… The Toast Of The Town

To achieve sommelier master status, wine knowledge is obviously a given… but the presentation of that knowledge is what's paramount. There can be an intimidation factor when a server asks whether diners want to speak to the sommelier.

Many customers do not even know what a sommelier is and what his area of expertise entails. The key to becoming a successful sommelier is to be disarming and make the wine selection process as entertaining and educational as possible. The objective of our sommelier schools in Phoenix is to combat wine snobbery with an approach that gets people to drink, enjoy and understand wine.